Every iota Makes A Difference

Iota is a proud purveyor of stationery and gifting essentials designed with color, style and whimsy.

Our corporate identity, iota, is named for the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet - a word of Phoenician origin meaning "a very small amount or thing, a jot, a whit." Its simple, yet powerful character is infused in every aspect of our business, from our trademark innovative design, to our bold colors, to our exceptional quality and affordable price points.

Iota offers a lively mix of paper- and textile-driven product in a variety of unique categories. The complete iota product portfolio includes:

iota chic:  Women's accessories where fabulous functionality meets bold, fresh design

  • jewelry pouches, cosmetic, eyeglass and mirror cases; all-in-one wristlets and purse clutches; totes, zip cases, lunch totes, laptop cases, tech cases, tablet/e-reader cases, phone covers, water bottles, travel mugs

iotababy! Baby accessories tailored for modern moms

  • bib and burp sets, crumb catcher bibs, kimono booties, pacifier clips, photo clutches, carryalls, mom zip cases, baby blankies

iotaTOTES:  Strappingly stylish carryalls that are eco + logical, eco + fashionable

kitchen collections:  Order up delicious colors and patterns for everyday culinary adventures

  • aprons, recipe binders, boxes and cards; magnetic shopping lists and pocket organizers

tabletop collections: Bold colors and lively patterns play the role of perfect host

  • paper tableware, coaster gift sets

stationery:  Express your own personal style when connecting through the written word

  • notecards, envelopes and self-mailers, journals & agendas, note pads, pocket organizers, and address books

gifting essentials:  First impressions matter when presenting the present

  • gift bags, bottle bags

Our hope is iota designs - on any surface - will encourage you to think about the little things, and how, if they are recognized, treasured and combined properly, they might just, in time, move mountains. Remember, every iota makes a difference!

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