Who We Are

We are CSS Industries, Inc., a consumer products company with a portfolio of craft, gift, and seasonal brands that inspire a creative spark in consumers. We are a passionate and creative team that values high quality, on-trend, and innovative products. We are a trusted partner to our customer base of leading mass, craft, food & drug, discount, gift, and specialty retailers. We are always striving to deliver the best experience possible to our consumers, retail partners, shareholders, and employees.


We have over thirty offices and facilities across the US and internationally. Our CSS trend team travels the world making sure we stay on top of all the newest trends. Visit our locations map to see where you can find us!


Our company history, spanning over 150 years, is a diverse, exciting and ever-evolving representation of who we are. View our company timeline to see how we've grown over the years!


In order to achieve our goals, we stand by six core values across all divisions and locations. Using these as guidelines, we are able to work as a team to communicate effectively, accomplish great things, and always offer our customers our best.


As an industry leader and trusted partner, we are committed to operational excellence in order to meet the needs of our customers.